Home Life Interior Design Helps You ‘Love How You Live!’

traditional living room
Photo: Rose Ann Humphrey via Houzz

Home Life by Rose Ann Humphrey is committed to their clients “Loving How They Live!”  Passionate and devoted to lifestyle Rose Ann has spent 30 years working with her clients to set the stage for what we believe is the main event, providing a style of home living consistent with who are clients are.

Our New England interior design company specializes in helping residential and commercial clients “love how they live.” After being established in 1980, we’ve built a strong reputation in the interior design industry. Our full-service interior design studio offers a wide range of services, including space planning, furniture design, wall treatments, lighting, window treatments and floor treatments.  One of our Interior Designers is a Leed AP professional who understands eco-friendly living. We do not sacrifice comfort or convenience to accomplish this goal.  In addition to our full interior design services we offer the following services as well:

  • Home inventory services, such as confidential photographic documentation of all valuables or household contents
  • Job coordination among contractors, architects and workrooms to ensure that projects are handled efficiently

Our main Interior Design Studio is in the heart of Back Bay in Boston, Massachusetts at 400 Stuart Street, Suite 23C..

Ready to get started on your New England interior design project? Contact Home Life to set up a consultation.