The Importance of Lighting Your Home to Boost Mood

roseann mood lighting

Source: Home Life by Rose Ann

When remodeling your home, don’t overlook the importance of lighting. You can use this design element to create certain moods or accentuate specific features in your home.

Keep these tips on lighting your home in mind while planning your remodeling project:

  • Choose the right level of light. Lighting is determined by the amount of sun in a room. For some rooms, you’ll want to include options for both lower and higher levels of lighting for different occasions. Lower lighting works best for more intimate settings or to produce a relaxing effect, while higher levels encourage activity.
  • Use colored lighting sparingly. Colored lights can create a variety of moods, and are generally used in Hospitality Spaces for atmosphere. Softer colors and lighting placement create relaxed moods, while brighter tones enhance alertness. Reddish tints and warmcolors , are ideal for setting up an inviting mood-such as a dining room, while cool colors, such as blues or greens, create a calmer mood- as in a bedroom. Just keep in mind that using too much of any of these colors can ruin the mood you’re trying to achieve. Pick specific areas to use them in.
  • Make use of reflections. Lighting isn’t just about the lamps or fixtures in your home. You can also create atmosphere and an environment of ambiance by carefully arranging objects with reflective surfaces for a brighter shine or a more dazzling appearance.

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