Natural Illumination: Using Sunlight as a Design Element

roseann natural lighting

Source: Home Life by Rose Ann Humphrey

The New England region gets its share of rain, but there are plenty of sunny days as well. You can use this to your advantage by using sunlight as a natural element in your home. Sunlight fills your home with sunshine and warmth, creating a cheerful and inviting atmosphere.

Consider using the following ideas for bringing more sunlight into your home for your New England interior design project:

  • Have skylights installed. Skylights can bring much needed light to bathrooms with no windows, or they can provide extra light for kitchens and other rooms with windows. Skylights also help keep rooms warmer in winter, and some can open up to let fresh air inside during summer. If possible, have skylights installed on the sides of your home that face west and south.
  • Expand doors and windows. Have glass panels installed on both sides of your front door, and consider having bay windows or a large bay window installed in your living room to let in more light.
  • Choose the right window coverings. For a simple way to maximize the amount of sunlight your home gets, consider investing in new window coverings. Sheer draperies will allow the most sunlight in, which is ideal in winter. When you don’t want quite as much sunlight or glare, you can add heavier liners to your sheers.

With so many options to choose from, hiring a professional New England interior design company is a good idea. At Home Life, we can help you find the best ways to bring more sunlight into your home.

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