Choosing Rose Ann Humphrey for Your Next Design Project

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Source: Home Life by Rose Ann Humphrey

When it’s time for your next interior design project, hiring a professional with years of experience and a solid reputation is essential. That’s what Rose Ann Humphrey of Home Life offers.

Rose Ann has more than 30 years of experience in the interior design industry. She established Home Life, a full service interior design company, in 1980 in the New England region. Her main goal in helping clients is to work with them in creating a home that feels like a relaxing retreat. Rose Ann wants clients to be able to come home to a warm and welcoming atmosphere after spending all day in a stressful work environment. Her motto, “love how you live,” emphasizes her commitment to this goal.

Rose Ann also values sustainability in design, which is why she has LEED AP certification. If you want to focus on making your home more eco-friendly, Rose Ann can walk you through the process and help determine which changes to make and which materials to use.

To make the interior design process even smoother for clients, Rose Ann Humphrey partners with reputable contractors and architects to provide full service for each project. Clients can expect to deal with a team of professionals who will listen to their wants and needs and give valuable input on their project. They can also rest assured that their project will stay on schedule and any concerns they have will be addressed promptly.

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