A Welcoming Summer Family Retreat

roseann family retreat

Create a welcoming summer family retreat. Source: Home Life by Rose Ann Humphrey

With spring officially coming to a close soon, it’s a wonderful time to get your family summer home ready. Give it a seasonal update, and you can look forward to spending warm days and nights relaxing in style and comfort.

For a seasonal change, you may enjoy subtle changes. Think of a classic coastal look, which emphasizes neutral colors and a lighter touch. Here are a few tips for giving your summer home an airy look this season:

  • Keep it light. Fill each room with neutral colors in lighter tones, such as white or cream, to keep them looking more open and inviting. You can add touches of color in some spots to create contrast, such as with throw pillows or accessories.
  • Choose breezy window coverings. Linen curtains in a light tone are ideal for bedrooms and living rooms in summer homes. White wooden shutters also work well for allowing in enough light throughout the day. White shutters or curtains also won’t interfere with the scenic outdoor views you have.
  • Go with natural flooring. Place seagrass or sisal rugs in your home to give it a rustic appearance, and consider having hardwood floors put in, if you don’t have them already.
  • Pick traditional furniture. Classic, upscale pieces look perfect in summer homes. Focus on choosing furniture in neutral colors. If you want more of a nautical look, add some striped pieces as well.

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