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roseann pillow talk

Source: Home Life by Rose Ann Humphrey

Changing design elements in your home with the seasons gives it a fresh look throughout the year. Even simple changes, such as replacing throw pillows with more seasonal ones, can go a long way toward making your home seem more inviting.

Look for summer pillow designs that fit well with your home’s overall appearance. There are several ways to choose which types of colors and patterns to use, such as:

  • Pattern plus solid. Alternate between patterns and solids when arranging your pillows to keep the patterns from overtaking a room. Choose a pattern that complements the room’s design theme, then pick solid colors that bring out a certain tone or two in that pattern. You can also mix patterns and solids that contain opposite colors, as long as you’re using them against a neutral background, such as beige or white.
  • Several patterns. You can choose a variety of summer pillow designs to use in one room. Just make sure that the patterns all have at least one element in common, such as a certain color or theme. For example, Home Life by Rose Ann Humphrey designed and manufactured ‘Toss Pillows’ which all tie into the natural theme of Cape Cod, even though the individual designs and colors differed. This arrangement of woodland, sea and floral designs brings naturalistic charm to any room.
  • Bold pattern plus small pattern. Another option is to mix pillows with a bold pattern with those that have a smaller and much more subtle pattern.

Put these ideas to use in your home and add custom, whimsical pillows designed by Home Life by Rose Ann Humphrey in patterns and styles that will capture your imagination.

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