Every Great Room Indoors or Outdoors – Starts With a Rug

roseann stark carpet

Source: Stark Carpet

A rug helps make floors more comfortable to walk on and adds quite a bit of visual appeal. Consider choosing a few interior and exterior rugs to give your home a new look this summer.

Stark Carpet makes high-quality rugs for indoor and outdoor use in a variety of patterns and materials. Looking for something that’s elegant yet has a hint of rustic charm? Stark has an impressive selection of flatweave rugs available. These rugs are made on a loom and are generally thinner than other types of rugs, which makes them more versatile. You can place these rugs on your patio or living room floor.  A few of the patterns available include thin stripes in tones of brown or blue and green, as well as circular patterns in neutral colors that can soften any room.  Custom colors are always available at a higher cost, but, for those who wish to express themselves with custom colors Rose Ann Humphrey will happily assist.

If you want something with a richer texture, Stark also makes Moroccan quality rugs in a variety of patterns. These types of rugs are typically sturdier and hold up well if they’re placed outdoors. Stark offers several interior and exterior rugs with intricate patterns in light and dark tones, as well as a few more colorful options. These also go well in living rooms, dens, patios and outdoor living areas.

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