A Welcoming Family Summer Retreat – Hand Woven Window Shades at Conrad

roseann conrad shades

Source: Conrad Shades

When making your home more eco-friendly, you don’t have to substitute style for sustainability. Conrad Shades offers a wide range of stylish window shades made from sustainable natural fibers.

Whether you’re looking for lighter woods to brighten up your home or darker ones to create a more rustic appearance, you can find what you need from Conrad Shades. Some of their design options include Brown Flax, Bamboo Shoot Skin, Wild Mulberry, Bleached Flax, Tiger Eye, Tortoise Shell Reed and Sandalreed. Conrad original sunshades are handwoven and made from natural fibers that come from sustainable sources. The natural fibers are resistant to mildew and fungus, and they also stay relatively dust-free. They’re also effective at blocking ultraviolet light. Conrad prides itself on obtaining their materials in a way that supports local artisan and cottage farming industries. With these window shades in your home, you’ll enjoy more than just reduced glare. These shades also add artistic flair to any room.

Simple and sustainable natural fibers use textiles as art with sustainability. These window shades are available at Home Life by Rose Ann Humphrey, LEED AP (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified. Let us guide you in choosing the right window shades for your home.

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