Gold Leaf Treatments Add Warmth and Glow to Interiors

roseann gold leaf

Bring the look of gold leaf into your home. Source: Rose Ann Humphrey

Adding touches of gold leaf to your home can instantly make it look warmer and add some dazzle. This versatile design element can be used on lighting fixtures, mirrors, cabinets, chairs and several other items.

Gold leaf or other “leafing” like brushed nickel or silver treatments,  designed for interiors finishes require careful attention to detail. Including too much of it can overwhelm a room instead of adding a subtle glow. It’s important to select the right item or area for it, or you won’t achieve the effect you’re looking for. Metal leaf can be made of either real metal or colored metal, which is a more cost-effective option. If you plan on including this design element in your home, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Start small. Choose a smaller item, such as a mirror or picture frame, to see how the leaf affects the room’s design. You can move this item from room to room to see which one it works best in. If you decide you like the look, you can incorporate it in another room with something larger, such as a coffee table or decorative screen.
  • Experiment with larger metal leaf projects. Add a gold leaf cabinet or nickel leaf trim around a door to create just the right amount of warmth. Avoid placing other shiny objects near the metal leaf pieces, since this can result in too much of a glow.
  • Use it for lighting. Brighten up a room by redoing a ceiling light fixture in a metal leaf. This adds more shine and highlights the furniture below it.

Since using metal leaf treatment designing for interiors can be tricky, it’s best to hire a professional designer. Home Life by Rose Ann Humphrey can develop a  gold-leaf scheme that works best in your home.

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