Bold, Contemporary Reclaimed Wood Designs for the Home

roseann reclaimed wood

Try reclaimed wood in your home. Source: Rose Ann Humphrey

Using reclaimed wood is a simple way to introduce a more eco-friendly design to a home. These pieces of wood also provide a wonderful way to add a historical touch to even the most modern of homes.

When designing with reclaimed wood, there are several things to consider.  This type of wood can be used for walls, floors, ceiling beams or furniture.  Home Life by Rose Ann Humphrey works with artisans of different disciplines to utilize reclaimed wood.

One of our favorite manufacturer’s turns reclaimed wood into fabulous consoles, buffets, and tables allowing our clients to enjoy the use of wood which has seen other incarnations.

Home Life by Rose Ann Humphrey can help you when desiring to design with reclaimed wood to give your home and furniture a beautiful an interesting patina.   Home Life is a LEED-certified design company.

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