Heightened Effects for Homes Using Floor Vases

roseann floor vase

Try a floor vase in your home. Source: Janus et Cie

Floor vases can serve as major interior design pieces in a home if they’re used the right way. Instead of tucking yours away in a corner, consider using it as a focal point in a room or to dress up a foyer.

Here are some different options for floor vase designs for homes:

  • Create balance. A floor vase can help balance A sofa or love seat that has a floor lamp on one side. Fill  it with seasonal branches like apple blossoms to create a fresh look in Spring.  Use grasses in the fall.
  • Place a vase  it in a prominent part of a room, such as next to a fireplace.
  • Bring out an accent color. Use a floor vase to call attention to an accent color in a room. The vase will add just enough color without overdoing it.

If you need expert help, Home Life by Rose Ann Humphrey can assist you with selecting floor vases for your home. Janus et Cie has a lovely variety of large and decorative accessories including vases.

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