Add Warmth and Tone with Furniture Made of Wood

Add Warmth and Tone with Furniture Made of Wood

Source: Home Life by Rose Ann Humphrey

Wood furniture can add a touch of elegance, some rustic charm or a bit of warmth to any room.  There are ways to combine different types and tones of wood without having them clash.

Use these wood furniture decorating tips to help you find ways to include more of this natural element in your home:

  • Make one piece a prominent feature. Select a large piece of wood furniture, such as a cabinet or armoire, as a focal point, then surround it with a wood tone that adds just enough contrast. This makes the piece stand out instead of blending in with the rest of the room.
  • Tie the undertones together. Choose different types of wood that have the same undertones, such as a light or reddish tone. This is a safe way to include two or more types of wood without having to worry about having too much contrast. You can also use this wood furniture decorating tip to choose pieces that will look good with an existing wood floor.
  • Create contrast. If you have a light wood floor, select wood furniture with a dark tone. This gives the room an impressive appearance without clashing. Keep in mind that different dark wood tones will work well together, so you don’t necessarily have to choose matching wood furniture.
  • Find the right balance. Use the same wood tones or ones that complement each other on opposite sides of the room. Fill the space in between with wood furniture in darker or brighter tones.

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