Outdoor Fireplaces Extend a Welcome with Warmth & Design

Outdoor Fireplaces Extend a Welcome with Warmth & Design

Source: Wikimedia

A living room or den isn’t the only place you can enjoy sitting by a fire on a cool evening. Outdoor living spaces, poolsides and patios all make wonderful locations for an outdoor fireplace.

There are many ways to set up a fireplace outside your home. A favorite would be an open design fireplace placed in the center of your outdoor living space. This provides more space for you and guests to sit around the fire comfortably while still being able to interact. This adds a wonderful place for conversation and maybe even some toasted marshmallows.

There are many fireplace designs to choose from, having a professional designer provide you with input is a smart move. Home Life by Rose Ann Humphrey can help you choose the right design.

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