Chandeliers: A Happy Medium Between Contemporary & Traditional Styles

Chandeliers: A Happy Medium Between Contemporary & Traditional Styles

Source: Home Life by Rose Ann Humphrey

Chandeliers were once reserved for traditional interior design styles, especially in dining rooms or foyers. These elegant lighting fixtures are now finding their way into more contemporary homes and in a variety of rooms, including bathrooms and bedrooms.

The following ideas for decorating with chandeliers can help you start thinking about how you would like to use them in your home:

  • Experiment with different materials and styles. Contemporary chandeliers can work well in spaces with a more traditional design, and vice versa. You can also try mixing different materials for a dramatic effect, or choose an eye-catching chandelier that features an intricate pattern or bold colors.
  • Choose the right size. The size you get depends on the size of the room you plan on putting the chandelier in. For a smaller room with a low or standard ceiling, such as a powder room, choose a smaller chandelier. Larger chandeliers work better in larger spaces, such as dining rooms and kitchens. Another option for decorating with chandeliers in bigger rooms is to hang two smaller ones together.
  • Combine elegance and Old World charm. French country chandeliers come in a variety of designs, making them a versatile choice for any home. They work well in kitchens, children’s bedrooms, master bedrooms and living rooms, and they can be combined with other styles, such as a southern farmhouse style. French country chandeliers range from formal fixtures with delicate candles to quaint lampshade designs that are less formal yet equally charming.

No matter which type of chandelier you end up choosing, it’s important to make sure that you hang it at just the right height.

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