Boston Design Week 2015

Boston Design Week was a wonderful time and thanks to the Boston Design Center the building looked wonderful and the energy was high. 
The highlights for me were showroom events at Charles Spada, M-Geough and David Webster & Company..  Each discussion brought insight to all of us in the design Industry and each of these vendors were committed to exposing all of us to what is important in the design world. 


The famous Patty Austin and Taniya Nayak enlivened a very active conversation about mentoring, while Charles Spada introduced us to the charming and lovely design editor of Veranda magazine, Carolyn Englefield and her lovely projects in Europe as well as her deep understanding and the enjoyment she experienced with each of her clients.

Boston Magazine had a great panel discussion about renovating and David Webster as always is an amazing ‘Marketeer’ bringing to us all the jewels in our industry, featuring a new ‘made in Italy’ line of fabric which is quite lovely and well-priced, too!  Surprise, surprise. I learned something worthwhile in each of these programs.

Boston Design Week

I saw the week as an opportunity for growth and networking. I made new friends and a new dimension was added to my design life. Thanks again Boston Design Center for being gracious.

A great time was had by all!