Interior Design Process at Home Life

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At Home Life our main goal is for people to “Love How They Live!” We trademarked that phrase because that is what our clients said transpired through the interior design process at Home Life. Today we are sharing our process, on a commercial job, in hopes people can understand designers truly want to please. These photos of a design project, underway, are the results of preliminary presentations, after building renovation was complete, to understand our clients point of view in a lobby now meant for people to enjoy, as part of their workday experience.


Life in ‘our times’ is hectic and the workplace must also provide a feeling of welcome. Because it is a public space, it must appeal to many. That is the goal here. That is what we are sharing with you, so you may understand after listening and testing many possibilities this is where we have come, in the process.

Please stay tuned for our completed job.