Inspired By The Stylish Life

Inspired By The Stylish Life

How you live is inspired and influenced by many aspects in life.
From fashion to sports, there is a connection between everything and living a stylish life.

That’s why our motto at Home Life is to “Love How You Live.”
It’s important that not only in our homes we feel most comfortable, but we also feel inspired.

(Photo: 1945 Skiing, Fashion Illustration Illustrator: Pierre Mourgue Brands: Germaine Lecomte, Hermès (Sportswear), Véra Boréa, Mendel, André Ledoux.)

Just like the proper and correct clothing one wears to ski to make the experience most enjoyable;
feeling that motivation inside your home is just as important.
There are so many similarities in getting the most out of what you do and enjoy.
Your home should be right up there as a place where you seek that gratifying and pleasurable moment
as it feels when you ski down a slope.

Home Life by Rose Ann Humphrey can help you achieve those goals in your home
so you can truly Love How You Live.
We believe having a professional lifestyle expert help you with the interior design of your home is
important for one’s every day experience.
Contact us for a consultation and you can live the life you love every day.

With All Good Wishes For A Healthy, Happy and Stylish 2018!