“Time In” Matters

“Time In” Matters

All our Design Services Designers are skilled. In the book Change by Tim Brown he speaks to the difference between the performance of a “neophyte” versus that of a “master.” It is the thousands of hours of practice. To quote my own mother, “Practice makes Perfect!” – Perhaps overstated, however, “Time In” creates a “Master.”

“Time In” matters. A master’s “Time In” is the bond for the trusted relationship between an interior designer and a client. With this comes the development of Intuition or perhaps Emotional Intelligence.

I think this is a sensibility, which taps into delight, beauty and personal meaning, and leads our clients to a more relevant experience, because the process of listening gains a person’s Trust!

In interior design Trust comes from the client sensing and feeling your experience, and knowing you have his or her best interest at heart. Yes, sometimes it is more costly, however, interior designers are in the luxury business, which means it can be a more expensive experience.

At Home Life we like to say our clients Love How They Live, and they Discover Their Own Visual Voices. A designer’s intuition leads to a more relevant experience. That is why clients hire interior designers. Designers help people live in their own dreams. Buying interior design online devalues the contribution of people. What Brown describes as “Design Thinking” is not invisible, it is intentional.