A Joyful Heart in Tough Times

Creativity connects us to others and a community.  Isolation is the opposite of this.

For almost one month, all of us have been quarantined and I decided it was time to meet friends in an outdoor space, allowing social distancing, and sharing some yummy lunch on a sunny, blue sky, early Spring day looking out at the snow capped peaks of the Presidential range in New Hampshire while sitting on a grand Hotel porch.  The wonderful person at the desk of this beautiful Inn was gracious enough to allow us to sit on the porch since nobody else was there, making it possible for us to spend some time together. 

We left touching elbows and waving goodbye!  Everyone must stay connected in spite of social distancing.

The lesson for me was clearly to be around people I care about and that creativity is not a solo endeavor.  

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Mountain View Grand Resort & Spa | Whitefield, New Hampshire

Amazing view from the Porch.


Beautiful medley of colorful Roasted Veggies.

Sharing healthy food with friends, keeping in mind social distancing