Taking It Down a Knot

Summer is in full swing in Boston, and while the Fourth of July before COVID typically called for louder Celebrations, this year’s Fourth was very subdued for me.  Lots of wind and rain in Boston made for a quieter Holiday overall.

I have been able to enjoy sailing during the warm sunny days we have had this summer so far.  I spent some time both on a Tall Ship in Boston Harbor, (where I was able to take the helm, with a captain next to me), and in my very own favorite, old and beautiful Snowbird, a Concordia, in Maine.  She is a very beautiful wooden sailboat.  There were only 103 built from 1938 to 1962.  Snowbird was built in Lemwerder, Germany in 1958, and happens to be Hull #59.  What could be a more simple and beautiful design than this.


Our country is slowly recovering from a horrible pandemic, it has been nice to spend some quiet time with friends and enjoy the inspiration that Mother Nature provides during this time. I hope you are enjoying your summer, even if you too have taken it down a “knot”.

As we approach August, we at Home Life are excited to be sponsoring a special event on Nantucket.  Something we’ll share more about in next month’s blog post and on Instagram.  We will be on Nantucket at the beginning of the month and will be available for complimentary 1-hour in-home consultations for our interior design services on the island.  We hope to see you there!