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    Summertime and the Living Should Be Easy!

    Summertime and the living should be easy! We deserve it.  We live in New England. Whether we summer on The Vineyard, enjoy wonderful meals al fresco with friends and family in our own private outdoors spaces or go to any one the beautiful beaches available to us. Summer is a time to kick back and […]

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    Home Life Interior Design Firm – Love How You Live!

    Passionate and devoted to lifestyle, Rose Ann has spent twenty-five years listening, sharing and helping her clients “discover their own visual voices.” Our clients express themselves through their choice of color, fabric, carpets, art and the treasures they have collected throughout their lives.  Each of our interiors reflects our client’s personal style and our clients happily share […]

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    Special Spaces by Design – Love How You Live!

    In New England, especially this particular spring we need to get outdoors!  Perhaps a formal garden or just a place to be outside for relaxation with a book or to meditate.  Home Life designed this space with just that in mind. Outdoor spaces add enormous dimensions to our New England lifestyles creating a secondary space […]

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    Design Details

                Indoor and outdoor design details distinguish spaces. Seeing these shells on a leather finished granite counter top in a kitchen on Cape Cod was then faux painted on a fireplace surround.

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    Symbol of Hospitality

    Magnolia Grandaflora grow wild in many states and have been a ‘Symbol of Hospitality’ since the 18th Century. Magnolia leaves are crafted into festive wreaths that are traditional yet contemporary and designed to bring holiday warmth to your home. They will also dry beautifully in time. A lovely Christmas accent to enjoy for a long […]

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