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    Children’s Bedrooms, Alive, Playful and Restful

    Coming up with the perfect design for a child’s room gives you a chance to exercise your creativity. Although you don’t have to stick to strict interior design rules for these rooms, there are certain elements you shouldn’t overlook. When decorating children’s rooms, keep the following tips in mind: Choose a theme. There are a […]

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  • 04

    Natural Stone Tables With M-Geough’s Rustic Choices

    Stone can add the right amount of rustic appeal to any room. You can put in an entire accent wall of stone, or just focus on adding touches of stone with furniture and decor items. Decorating with M-Geough stone furniture lets you create a natural look in your living room, dining room or patio. If […]

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  • 03

    To Drape or Not to Drape: Are Window Coverings Necessary?

    Many people think of drapes as functional window coverings that help keep out drafts, but they’re also a decorative element. They come in a variety of colors, patterns and materials, and you can use them in areas other than windows. When decorating with drapes, consider the following ideas: Choose colors carefully. The right color can […]

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    Fresh Take on Chic French Country Interiors by Rose Ann Humphrey

    French country style designs let you combine Old World elegance with a light and airy ambiance. There are several ways to achieve this type of look throughout your home and make it feel like a European-style rural retreat. French country interiors feature a variety of elements, but they generally focus on lighter colors and softer […]

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    Beneath the Greenery Create Your Outdoor Space with Janus et Cie

    After a long winter, being able to sit on your patio during spring and enjoy warmer air and sunshine is an absolute delight. Janus et Cie offers several products that are perfect for spring patio furnishings. These products are made from high-quality, eco-friendly materials and feature earthy yet upscale designs. Whether your patio needs a new […]

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