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  • “Time In” Matters

    “Time In” Matters

    All our Design Services Designers are skilled. In the book Change by Tim Brown he speaks to the difference between the performance of a “neophyte” versus that of a “master.” It is the thousands of hours of practice. To quote my own mother, “Practice makes Perfect!” – Perhaps overstated, however, “Time In” creates a “Master.” […]

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  • Home Again in Stowe

    Home Again in Stowe

    Vermont is a second home for me. My dream has always been to live in two places – and the Green Mountains of Stowe, VT is a natural one for me. My love of Vermont comes from the joy of working and living there. Along with raising my children in Stowe; it is where I […]

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  • Shop the Boston Design Center with us

    Shop the Boston Design Center with us

    Shop the ultimate destination for high-end home design with Rose Ann Humphrey of Home Life. Home Life by Rose Ann Humphrey is an award-winning interior design firm and Designer On Call at the Boston Design Center. The BDC houses 70 individually-owned showrooms that provide unrivaled product selection, quality and product lines exclusive to the center […]

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  • Inspired by Ultra Violet

    Inspired by Ultra Violet

    Ultra Violet is Pantone’s Color Of The Year for 2018. Each year Pantone chooses a color based on its message, meaning and power to influence and inspire. Ultra Violet was chosen based on its dramatically provocative and thoughtful shade of purple. This blue-based purple is meant to bring our awareness and potential to a higher […]

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  • Maya Romanoff Wallcoverings At The Boston Design Center

    Maya Romanoff Wallcoverings At The Boston Design Center

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