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  • Inspired By The Stylish Life

    Inspired By The Stylish Life

    How you live is inspired and influenced by many aspects in life. From fashion to sports, there is a connection between everything and living a stylish life. That’s why our motto at Home Life is to “Love How You Live.” It’s important that not only in our homes we feel most comfortable, but we also […]

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        Interior designers have long been influenced by what we see on the runways. The trends make their way into the home in some shape or form. As Rose Ann Humphrey tells Boston Design Guide, “Fashion comes first.” From mixing floral accents with neutral color palettes to bringing interest and dimension with wall coverings, […]

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    Featured in the 20th Edition of Boston Design Guide

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    Sculptural Side Table

    This award winning sculptor makes each table by hand in his studio in the US.  This side table has a mild steel antique bronze finish and is highly polished and will compliment and enhance any room setting.

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    A Welcoming Family Summer Retreat – Hand Woven Window Shades at Conrad

    When making your home more eco-friendly, you don’t have to substitute style for sustainability. Conrad Shades offers a wide range of stylish window shades made from sustainable natural fibers. Whether you’re looking for lighter woods to brighten up your home or darker ones to create a more rustic appearance, you can find what you need […]

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