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    3 Tips for Making the Most of Wasted Space in Your Home

    No matter how large or small your home is, chances are that you have spaces in a few different areas that go unused. This wasted space in your home can become valuable when you’re looking into remodeling. Instead of adding square footage for more living space, you can simply make use of these empty spaces. Here are a few […]

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    Natural Illumination: Using Sunlight as a Design Element

    The New England region gets its share of rain, but there are plenty of sunny days as well. You can use this to your advantage by using sunlight as a natural element in your home. Sunlight fills your home with sunshine and warmth, creating a cheerful and inviting atmosphere. Consider using the following ideas for bringing more sunlight […]

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    Let Home Life Coordinate Difficult Phases of Your Home Design Project

    Redesigning your home can quickly turn into a large-scale project that’s more complicated than you realized. Whether you’re planning on making several smaller changes or a few big ones, hiring reliable Boston interior designers is a must. Home Life can help you sail through your entire interior design project. We’ll meet with you for an initial consultation […]

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    The Importance of Lighting Your Home to Boost Mood

    When remodeling your home, don’t overlook the importance of lighting. You can use this design element to create certain moods or accentuate specific features in your home. Keep these tips on lighting your home in mind while planning your remodeling project: Choose the right level of light. Lighting is determined by the amount of sun in a room. For some […]

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    More Than Storage: Optimizing Your Next Basement Remodel

    Having a basement in your home provides a good storage place, but it can become so much more. You can give your basement a whole new look and turn it into additional living space with some remodeling. Here are a few basement remodeling ideas to consider: Create a multi-purpose room. Divide your basement into a few areas that […]

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