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    Symbol of Hospitality

    Magnolia Grandaflora grow wild in many states and have been a ‘Symbol of Hospitality’ since the 18th Century. Magnolia leaves are crafted into festive wreaths that are traditional yet contemporary and designed to bring holiday warmth to your home. They will also dry beautifully in time. A lovely Christmas accent to enjoy for a long […]

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    Chandeliers: A Happy Medium Between Contemporary & Traditional Styles

    Chandeliers were once reserved for traditional interior design styles, especially in dining rooms or foyers. These elegant lighting fixtures are now finding their way into more contemporary homes and in a variety of rooms, including bathrooms and bedrooms. The following ideas for decorating with chandeliers can help you start thinking about how you would like […]

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    Slate Boasts Beauty & Elegance Throughout Your Home

    Slate adds rich color and warmth to your home. A fireplace made from slate or stone provides a contemporary alternative to traditional Brick. Slate and stone are understated materials which capture the essence of a fire burning. Please contact Rose Ann Humphrey and Home Life for all your Interior Design needs and follow our Facebook page.

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    Unique Coastal Designs for Your Home

    Coastal design allows you to bring the beach to your home year round. It is important to remember in climates which are not always temperate to keep colors rich and warm. For help with your coastal interior, consult with a professional.  

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    Outdoor Fireplaces Extend a Welcome with Warmth & Design

    A living room or den isn’t the only place you can enjoy sitting by a fire on a cool evening. Outdoor living spaces, poolsides and patios all make wonderful locations for an outdoor fireplace. There are many ways to set up a fireplace outside your home. A favorite would be an open design fireplace placed […]

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