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    Heightened Effects for Homes Using Floor Vases

    Floor vases can serve as major interior design pieces in a home if they’re used the right way. Instead of tucking yours away in a corner, consider using it as a focal point in a room or to dress up a foyer. Here are some different options for floor vase designs for homes: Create balance. […]

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    Bold, Contemporary Reclaimed Wood Designs for the Home

    Using reclaimed wood is a simple way to introduce a more eco-friendly design to a home. These pieces of wood also provide a wonderful way to add a historical touch to even the most modern of homes. When designing with reclaimed wood, there are several things to consider.  This type of wood can be used […]

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    Dashing Countertop & Backsplash Designing: Make Your Kitchen “Pop”

    One of the most challenging parts of redesigning a kitchen is choosing the right countertop and backsplash material. There are so many possible combinations available, which can easily overwhelm homeowners. When deciding which stones to work with, you can try out different approaches that might make things easier. Here are a few different ones to consider: Countertops. Since […]

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    Gold Leaf Treatments Add Warmth and Glow to Interiors

    Adding touches of gold leaf to your home can instantly make it look warmer and add some dazzle. This versatile design element can be used on lighting fixtures, mirrors, cabinets, chairs and several other items. Gold leaf or other “leafing” like brushed nickel or silver treatments,  designed for interiors finishes require careful attention to detail. Including too much […]

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    A Welcoming Family Summer Retreat – Hand Woven Window Shades at Conrad

    When making your home more eco-friendly, you don’t have to substitute style for sustainability. Conrad Shades offers a wide range of stylish window shades made from sustainable natural fibers. Whether you’re looking for lighter woods to brighten up your home or darker ones to create a more rustic appearance, you can find what you need […]

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