Guilliaem Aertsen

Our single family South End townhouse was built in 1867. We were only the third owner of the house when we acquired and restored it 45 years ago. Now my daughter and her family live there, and our old restoration was in desperate need of refreshing. The double parlors presented a particular challenge. All details remained original, including 17 foot ceilings, elaborate ball and dart crown molding, center medallions, and walnut doors and windows encased in walnut frames. Over the years, the parlors had become drab and dated, and the true majesty of the dimensions and detail of the rooms had become lost. But how do we revitalize these grand rooms to make them truly splendid? We all agreed that we needed a highly skilled design expert to help us. Rose Ann Humphrey and her design firm, Home Life, immediately saw the potential, and she helped my daughter and son-in-law bring these rooms back to life with a radiance and grace I never thought possible. Rose Ann chose off whites for the ceilings and walls and a neutral tone for the carpet, and then created a colorful palette of fabrics for the original parlor furniture, all of which had the dramatic effect of maximizing the natural light, highlighting the wood, marble and ceiling detail and emphasizing the beautiful proportions of the original design. A more perfect outcome could not have been imagined. Achieving the goal for my family to “Love How You Live” was a wonderful experience for all of us. Thank you Rose Ann!