Rose Ann Humphrey, Founder

Rose Ann Humphrey, Founder

Home Life is a full service interior design firm located in Stowe, Vermont and Boston, MA and caters to clients around the globe. Directed by founder Rose Ann Humphrey, an interior designer who has earned a reputation for bringing high, lasting value to its clients in achieving its main goal. No matter the size of the project Home Life promises the highest level of quality and service.

Home Life’s experience allows it to benefit from the world of space planning and design utilization of interior finishes, furnishings, fabrics, wall coverings, lighting. etc. Costs are fair and commensurate with the goals desired.

Home Life is dedicated to lifestyle and endeavors to provide its clientele with living in their own dreams and loving how they live!


  • Expertise
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Satisfaction

We have headquarters in both Boston, MA and Stowe, VT. Our design experience and expertise fits within the realm of east coast colonial and cutting-edge modernity.

Environmental consciousness is a big part of what we do. Our team is LEEP AP Certified to create eco-friendly designs that are sustainable and beautiful.

We may be in the business of upscale, luxury interiors, but we strive to provide budget-conscious planning and furnishings that maximize your investment. Our goal is for our clients to “Love How They Live.”