Luxury Interior Designers in Boston, MA

Established in 1980, Home Life by Rose Ann Humphrey is a high end, luxury interior designer committed to providing a style of home living consistent with the individuality of our clients. We strive to help you discover your unique visual voice, bringing your dream of the perfect interior to life with an emphasis on luxury. Turn to us for interior design service, including full project management. Schedule a consultation with our interior design agency today.

Helping Clients Love the Way They Live

A home is defined by so much more than the walls and roof enclosing it. Every home is different in how it’s designed and arranged, and what the atmosphere says about the homeowner. Your country-inspired, easygoing ranch interior is going to feel much different from a contemporary, high end interior design in Boston, MA. It’s up to every homeowner to create the interior that defines their home and exemplifies their style by working with our interior design company.

Home Life by Rose Ann Humphrey is dedicated to helping every single one of our clients create the interior atmosphere they’ve always wanted in their home. As a high end interior designer in Boston, MA, we’ve worked with all types of clients and homes to pair vision and expectation with reality and ambiance. We don’t just change the colors and rearrange the furniture in your home—we believe in complete interior renaissance! Our experienced, award-winning, team of high end interior designers takes the time to listen to you, learning about your tastes, preferences and vision. Then, we deliver comprehensive project management and interior design services in Boston, MA to oversee the transformation of your home’s interior.


  • Expertise
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Satisfaction
  • Job Coordination
  • Experience

We have headquarters in both Boston, MA and Stowe, VT. Our design experience and expertise fits within the realm of east coast colonial and cutting-edge modernity.

Environmental consciousness is a big part of what we do. Our team is LEEP AP Certified to create eco-friendly designs that are sustainable and beautiful.

We may be in the business of upscale, luxury interiors, but we strive to provide budget-conscious planning and furnishings that maximize your investment. Our goal is for our clients to “Love How They Live.”

Our team can provide interior design services for both residential and commercial properties, no matter the size or floor plan. Working closely with architects, contractors and workrooms we will coordinate, supervise and insure project implementation.

We don’t just hear your vision for an amazing interior, we actually listen to make sure we’re catching every little detail! From total design to the minor details, we do it right.


There’s No Place Like Home

Emulate your style through your home’s interior and turn your space into a place that’s uniquely you! Contact our award-winning interior design firm today at 617-360-1008 to schedule design consultation for your home.