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Home Life by Rose Ann Humphrey brings you the pinnacle of design, culminating in living spaces that are unique, one-of-a-kind and alluringly sophisticated. We undertake every facet of interior design services for our Boston, MA clients, from early-stage concepting to paint and finish selections. From window treatments to furniture and art, we guarantee a sublime interior that exemplifies your tastes and preferences, so you feel at home at all times. 

Explore our full scope of interior design services to learn more about how we reinvent homes, condos, high-rises, penthouses and other luxury living spaces in the style of our clients.

Sustainable Interiors

We believe in a greener, brighter future, which is why we apply environmental concepts and green design practices wherever possible.

Full Service Interior Design Studio

Our services include any or all of the following for residential and commercial interior design services:

• Sustainable Interiors – LEED AP Certified

• Interior design concept

• Space/floor planning and layout

• Furniture, accessory and art selections

• Selection, design and production of furniture, lighting, architectural fixtures

• Paint and finish selections

• Custom window, wall and floor treatments

• Color and lighting consultation

• Project management and job coordination


Our goal is for our clients to “Love How They Live.”

Interior Design Concepts

How can you use your space efficiently, while bringing modern, exceptional concepts to life in a way that’s conducive to your lifestyle? Our mission, and we focus on the individual as we create interior design concepts. Our team listens to you, to make sure we’re incorporating essential elements into our design that benefit you each and every day. We’ll elaborate on your preferences to create ambiance, aesthetic and atmosphere that looks and feels like it was designed just for you—because it was.

Space/Floor Planning and Layout

You’re paying top dollar for your space in New England. Boston, MA—Let us help you make the most of every square inch. Space planning and layout are at the core of our interior design services. From kitchens to living rooms, bedrooms to bathrooms, we identify opportunities for better space utilization and uplift them to raise the standard for excellence throughout your home. Trust us to give your space flow and dynamic appeal, while maximizing the utility and ability of each and every room.

Furniture, Accessory and Art Selection

How you furnish your home plays a defining role in how the space feels and how you feel in it. We are interior designers and we can advise you on selection, design and production of furniture, lighting, architectural fixtures and art. We have at our fingertips all of the wholesale showrooms available in our industry who will expose you to everything that exists in the interior design market.

Paint and Finish Selections

Paint may be the last thing to go on the walls, but it makes the biggest impact on the space. We help you determine not only the right color for every room, but the right coverage, and also the correct finish. Our paint and finish selections can add depth, and color is determined by the light in a room. Wallcovering is extremely popular at this time and there are many which will create a very appealing space that perhaps cannot be achieved with paint alone.


Custom Treatments

\Window coverings and flooring are an essential of any interior design scheme and are often high ticket items. They are costly. There is very little that is more important, however, then both of these details. Custom treatments go beyond the color and material, we consider how it impacts the space as a whole. From light filtering window treatments to luxury walnut plank flooring that could retain heat for a comfortable step, no detail escapes us.

Project Management and Job Coordination

Regardless of the scope of your project, our team governs the workflow and guarantees results through superior project management and job coordination. We understand what it takes to take your space from its current condition to a reinvented, upscale interior. Count on us to handle every part of your project, from procurement of materials, to management of craftsmen, to invoicing and inspections. Start to finish, we provide all encompassing interior design services.

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Color and Lighting Consultation

Our interior design services include color and light, coordinating the two for dynamic ambiance and appeal in every room. Consult with us to learn more about color schemes. We strive to maximize natural light.



Create a Space You’ll Love to Live in

Home Life by Rose Ann Humphrey is a name synonymous with “Loving How You Live,” even through trying times such as those we are living through now. When it comes to the changes you are interested in making to add a level of comfort to your environment, turn to us for unparalleled results. Call 617-360-1008 to schedule a consultation and learn more about our broad scope of capabilities.