The Lavish Collection by JD Staron

The Lavish Collection by JD Staron

JD Staron is a favorite floor covering resource for Home Life. Founder of Home Life Rose Ann Humphrey is excited to share their new Lavish Collection. She explains, “Their coverings are fantastic, beautiful and even romantic!”

The Lavish Collection is JD Staron’s first collection that uses three textural fabrics weaves along a single needle yam insertion. This allows the fabric to stay intact while it is fabricated.

Their process to construction a Lavish Collection rug is with 3 simple steps:

1 – Choose the ground of the rug (There are many fabric colors and textures to choose from.)

2 – Select a pattern (There are 11 diverse and appealing designs to choose from.)

3 – Decide on the colors of your luxurious, plush Tencel design. A hint of lurex accents can be added for an extra spark as well!

JD Staron is to the trade only. Please contact Rose Ann Humphrey to add one of these beautiful new rugs to your home.